About a month ago, a friend introduced me to AdBlock. For those who don’t know, AdBlock is an add-on for Chrome or Firefox that blocks every ad on any given webpage. What’s great about AdbBlock is that it doesn’t only block annoying pop-ups or ads on the side of a Webpage, it also blocks those ads at the beginning of YouTube videos.


I find this type of technology particularly interesting because, as Lanier spoke about, ads are the fundamental source of revenue for most online websites and companies. By installing AdBlock you are bypassing a webpages ad’s which may lead advertisers to pay for less advertisements on a given site.  Without advertisements, companies revenue may suffer.


What are your thoughts on services like AdBlock? 



3 comments on “AdBlock

  1. I never knew about this! Thanks for the tip, I’m going to download this now. If more people knew about add ons similar to AdBlock, I think companies would lose a lot of money with advertisements. Although AdBlock is beneficial to our needs, it is a huge pitfall for company revenue.

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