Keyboard Shortcuts

Since most of the people in our class use Macs, I thought it would be cool to learn about some of the lesser-known shortcuts available on a mac.

Most people know about “command+C” to copy, and “command+V” to paste (and if you didn’t know that, then you just learned something new!).

But, Apple actually created many more keyboard shortcuts to make using a Mac even easier. The article posted above has a list of the 10 coolest keyboard shortcuts, but as a quick summary I listed my favorites below:

1)   “command+shift+4”: allows you to take a screen shot of just a portion of your screen. You hit those three buttons and a small cursor pops up that you just drag over the section of your screen that you want to take a screen shot of. When you let go you screen shot appears on your desktop.

2)   “fn + delete” : this allows you to delete whatever is in front of your cursor (as opposed to backspace, which deletes whatever is behind your cursor)


3)   “control+option+command+8”: this allows you to invert the colors on your screen. This is meant to help visually impaired people, but it also just looks cool.


4)   “command+ option + M”: this will minimize all of the windows you have open so you can clearly see your desktop.


Do you know any cool keyboard shortcuts that aren’t listed above? Feel free to share them!



3 comments on “Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. I don’t have a Mac, but I tried some of these on my Windows computer and only command + c and command + v work for me. I’m sure if I looked up other options like you did, it would work. These shortcuts are probably so helpful for people who spend their workdays on the computer.

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