Project Morpheus

Sony just publicly announced Project Morpheus, which is a virtual reality headset that works with the Playstation 4.  


The headset uses a 1080p display, offers a 90-degree field of view, and will use the PlayStation Camera for tracking and PlayStation Move for motion control. Sony says the headset doesn’t put weight on your nose or cheeks, and its design allows for airflow without the lenses fogging up. It is still a prototype and working out the kinks.  The six areas Sony is trying to focus on is sight, sound, tracking, control, ease of use, and content. This vr headset is going up against the first vr headset that was released in 2012 from Oculus.  Microsoft is working on their vr headset for the Xbox One.  This is very cool and is something I always to be real when I was playing my super Nintendo as a kid.  


By georgek0427

3 comments on “Project Morpheus

  1. This sounds so sick, I hope it comes out and works well. I was at my cousins house last night who has the Xbox One and the interface for that system is really smooth, I was pretty surprised.

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