Gentlemen’s Guide To March Reading

As you already know, I’m suave AF. As part of my entitlement of being suave AF comes the obligation of being well read. I say I read more than I actually do because I have an image to maintain. This senseless admission aside, it’s time for me to indulge my fellow classmates with some good literature.

This month doesn’t have as many good reads in the mix as I would like to see, but there is one that caught my eye. Sleep Donation by Karen Russell is one of those neat dystopian stories that the world is in dire need of.

Quick synopsis: Shit goes down, people lose the ability to sleep, those who can sleep are urged by a Slumber Corps. to donate their sleep to the restless, etc. etc.. Maybe I don’t sound enthused, but I am a huge dystopian novel fan and this sounds like just the book people should read in schools. Maybe the other titles in the list entice you, who knows, but I did my civil duty of letting you know there are people still writing books.


One comment on “Gentlemen’s Guide To March Reading

  1. Seems like a pretty interesting book. These utopian/dystopian type of books were my favorite back in school so I’m definitely going to look this one up.

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