International Man of Mystery App

It’s finally here, the app we have all been waiting for. No, not a hypnotizer ray for you to brain wash the entire world so that you can overthrow world governments and achieve that which Pinky and the Brain could not for 4 seasons, world dominance, this is something else. There is an Anti-Social Network App that would help you avoid friends you don’t want to see, or girlfriends/boyfriends when you are cheating (no judgments,) parents, teachers, classmates, etc.. 

Sure it can be used to avoid people, but it might also help people find you, which is probably not as favorable an outcome. Reading a little more about it I see that the app is far from perfect and has more loopholes than a Six Flags amusement park. Aside from the obvious let downs of reality, I think this idea is amazing. I have no one I avoid to be honest, but if I were doing something incredibly sketchy (assume for yourselves) then this app sounds like a life saver.


One comment on “International Man of Mystery App

  1. Although I think this is pretty creepy, it would be cool to use in the city and other places where you have a higher chance of running into people. I love how the name of the app is Cloak haha.

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