Flappy Bird Coming Back?

According to ABC news, the creator of Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen, is bringing it back. Everyone around the world heard the news that the viral game was taken down by the creator because it was apparently too popular for him to handle. Nguyen of Vietnam hinted on Twitter to one of his followers that Flappy Bird is coming back, but not soon.


I only played the game a few times, but I heard about the craze through my friends. I think it’s funny that the owner took it down because it ruined his “simple life”, according to his Twitter. The fact that he took it down added to it’s popularity because it was on the news. So, people who didn’t play the game heard about it. Now that he’s beginning to talk about how he’s bringing it back on a social network site, people are going to go crazy downloading and playing the game again. Since he didn’t want the popularity, isn’t this worse for him?




6 comments on “Flappy Bird Coming Back?

  1. I heard this too. It seems silly for him to bring it back due to his supposed disrupted life on account of the game. I am suspecting, however, he will be faced with double the amount of traffic by all those people who missed out on downloading it the first time around.

  2. It’s ironic that by taking the game away he made it more popular. Now, when it returns to the app store I can imagine people are going to be downloading it like crazy to see what it’s all about.

  3. I don’t see why people are so obsessed with this game, especially since there were other games that had the same concept before Flappy Bird. After Flappy Bird was taken down, people went crazy and bought smartphones at high prices just for Flappy Bird – I wonder what those people are thinking now.
    I also wonder if he plans on making any changes to the game – if he’s not bringing it back “soon”, it might mean there may be changes to it..

    • I don’t understand why people would pay crazy amounts of money just for a game on a smartphone. It just seems really silly. I think he is going to make changes too.

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