Tell the White House who you trust

Back in January, President Obama spoke at the Justice Department about the changes in technology that are used for national security purposes and how these changes affect our privacy. The meeting resulted in a 90 day review of big data and privacy (by the White House), specifically what information is being used by universities, private sectors, and the government. A thorough review is currently on the way.

Technology is affecting our lives now more than ever, whether it’s shopping online, using a cell phone, or even going to a doctor who uses electronic medical records. With these advances in technologies, the way we think about our individual privacy and protection is also changing. Since this is a complicated issue and affects everyone differently, President Obama aims to find out what big data and privacy means to Americans. The Counselor to the President, John Podesta, issued a survey on the White House website to allow Americans to join the conversation about privacy. An example of a question is:

How much do you trust these institutions with your data?

  1. Commercial businesses
  2. Academic or research institutions
  3. Professional practices
  4. Intelligence Agencies
  5. Law enforcement agencies
  6. Government agencies
  7. State and local agencies

I think it’s good to have the public share their opinions about what they feel should be most protected with the use of technologies. However, I don’t know how much of a difference these opinions will make for the future of data and privacy. I think the government will always have an eye over what we access, regardless of what we think should be right, because they have a duty to protect us.

Check out the survey here:



One comment on “Tell the White House who you trust

  1. This seems pretty cool. I hope that The White House will gain substantial responses and publish accurate results. It would be very interesting to see what people have to say in regards to the poll.

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