Fast forward and slow motion recording

I currently own an LG Optimus G Android phone, which I bought about a year and a half ago. My favorite feature on the phone is the camera due to it’s high quality recording and pictures. Recently, LG introduced its new phone – Optimus G Pro 2. The specs on this phone are quite impressive, specifically the fast forward and slow motion recording option. Check it out below:

I love taking videos from different places of the sunrise and sunset. This feature would be pretty amazing to use when capturing something like that. I was thinking about switching to an Iphone for my next upgrade, however, Droid phones keep on coming out with awesome features and greater quality which makes me want to stick with their phones.


2 comments on “Fast forward and slow motion recording

  1. This seems awesome! I switched from Android to iPhone when I got my iPhone 5 over a year ago and am incredibly happy with my decision. Although I must say, Android comes out with some awesome features that I often feel I would want.

    • I’m thinking of switching to an iPhone now too. I will definitely miss the flexibility of downloading apps and customizing my Android the way I want.

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