Find My Friends

Over the last week, I traveled to California with a group of friends to celebrate Spring Break. During our trip, we decided to road trip down from San Francisco to Santa Monica all the while sticking to the incredibly scenic Pacific Coast Highway. While we had to rent two cars to fit everyone, we were worried that we might loose contact with each other unless we were constantly texting each other or on the phone – not that serious, but we still wanted to be sure the cars were within an appropriate range of one another

That’s where this nifty little app, Find My Friends, comes in. The app is designed to place an individual (who also has the app) on a map for others to keep track of. While you might instantly think of all of the negatives (creepers for one) the app definitely reassured us that we were all making progress on the road.

Although nothing happened, I know had the other car not moved for a while or fell behind by more then 20ish miles, we could have easily turned back just to make sure.


By rohpatel

2 comments on “Find My Friends

  1. I have previously heard of Find My Friends and I always thought it was kind of creepy, but the way you used it was genius. I can definitely see the benefits to an app like this.

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