iTunes NPR

On Monday, iTunes radio added its first non-music station – National Public Radio. NPR is one the leading talk radio networks in the US and is currently available on desktop and mobile versions of iTunes. Although you can listen to its first 24 hour stream, there is no option to download or purchase individual NPR shows.

According to Mashable, NPR’s Chief Marketing Officer, Emma Carrasco, mentioned, “In the future, digital streams from NPR Member Stations across the country will begin appearing on iTunes Radio. We also hope to offer an expanded listening experience on the iTunes Radio platform that will bring you content from your local station blended seamlessly with NPR programming.” Seems like they have big plans for the NPR radio station. I think this is a good idea because many people listen to iTunes more than they watch or listen to the news. Thus, having both options in the same platform can allow people to listen to the news more frequently.



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