MH 370 Found

In a sad turn of events, officials have released information stating that the mysterious flight MH370 has been deemed a total loss and a crash in the Southern Indian Ocean. It was a tragic 16-day ordeal for all of the friends and family of all 239 passengers and workers; one that ended in the worst way possible. I feel sorry for all of those individuals who lost loved ones during this.

I still find it remarkable that given today’s technological advancements, it took 16 days to officially declare what happened to the flight. I guess it serves as a testament to both the limits to our technology and the sheer vastness of the Earth itself. In some ways I am glad the mystery is over, and happy the families can begin to mourn.

By rohpatel

One comment on “MH 370 Found

  1. It was really sad to hear that all passengers died. I think our world trusts technology to the point where we would never imagine losing a plane. The fact that it took 16 days adds to the reality of this situation.

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