Next Big Video Conferencing Thing

I was talking with my cousin the other day; he works at a teleconferencing tech company. He went through some training a couple weeks back wherein he built a room for the purposes of teleconferencing that was eventually used by Michelle Obama!

He described the room to have 3 giant 84″ ULED (ultra LED) extremely high-resolution TV’s and a smaller 55″ LED all projecting a single image, or a host of images/video. The idea was incredible. They were combining incredibly high-defined (yes, I made HD past tense) video software with interactive interfaces that allow companies/groups to collaborate to the fullest extent. The versatility of having the multiple screens creates an experience where you can simultaneously see your collaborators one one screen who could be thousands of miles away while giving a presentation on another screen all the while loading up relevant facts on yet another massive screen. 

This ‘Immersive’ room allows you to get up and walk around much like you could do in person. I love the idea of this sort of room and think it can create endless possibilities for the future of web-conferencing. While these technologies are not affordable by everyone (huge costs for equipment, software, maintenance, sound-proofing, etc.) I think more technologies will be created to lessen the costs and make this more available for the everyday person. 

What do you guys think?

By rohpatel

2 comments on “Next Big Video Conferencing Thing

  1. This is so cool! It relates back to how HD TV’s used to be super expensive when they came out, but now they’re more affordable for the average family. I think the same will happen for these conference videos.

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