Pushbullet alerts from phone to computer

Ever been lazy to get up and see who’s calling you when your phone is charging, but still want to know? Happens to me all the time. Pushbullet is a new application that sends a notification to your laptop or monitor as soon as you receive it on your phone. Whether it’s a text, file, email, Facebook post, or Twitter notification, you have the ability to see it instantly to determine whether you should actually get up to answer it. Call me lazy, but this can be really helpful if you’re doing something important on your computer. For example, whenever I’m writing an essay I constantly look at my phone when it buzzes, so I am bound to read what someone has said. However, with Pushbullet the notification just pops up on your screen and if it’s not important, I wouldn’t have to bother checking my phone.

Although Pushbullet is not the first app of its kind to be connect computer and phone devices, it is the first app to combine all the features of text, notification, links, and photo transfer into one. All you have to do is download the app on your phone, download the Google Chrome extension, and then log in with your Google account. As of right now, the program is only compatible with Android phones, but their team is working on integrating with iOs devices. Once again, it is harder for this to work because it connects through Google Chrome. The drawback for this app is the fact that you can’t answer the call or text on your computer. If the notification is important, unfortunately, you will have to get up and check your phone.



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