Smartphone enabled ECG, Pulse Ox, and BP devices

Mountain View, an Ihealth Lab company based in California, just recently created a smartphone enabled wearable health device. Three devices are included in this product: a blood pressure monitoring vest, an ambulatory ECG device that sticks to the chest, and a wristworn pulse oximeter device. Although it is not FDA approved yet, the company expects the product to be on the market by the end of 2014.

The wearable blood pressure monitor is worn inside a vest and provides 24 hour monitoring of blood pressure during a person’s normal daily routine. You can choose the increments at which to take recordings of blood pressure, ranging from 15 minutes to every two hours. This type of day and night measurement allows for better understanding of any specific hypertension. Overall, the product stores 200 recordings, but you can transfer your data to¬†an Iphone or Android phone.

The continuous heart monitor is also a wireless device that sticks to the person’s bare chest with an adhesive, disposable patch. It is used for detecting arrhythmia and other abnormal heart rhythms. This one stores 72 hours of data, but you can only transfer your information to an iOs device. I’m sure they will come out with Android compatibility before they market their product.

Lastly, the wristworn pulseox continuously measures blood oxygen saturation pulserate via a fingertip sensor that connects to a wristband. These kind of devices are used to detect obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and COPD. This one stores 1000 hours of data and is compatible with both smartphones, Android and Iphone.

Although we see many drawbacks with technology, such as a decrease in social interaction, we also have many benefits with devices such as above. People are able to live healthier and longer with the ability to detect their medical problems at an early stage.


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