Feeling Some Type of Way.

Despite my putrid hatred for that meaningless expression, there is a point I am actually trying to make here.


The premise of this blog is to show case the feelings and point of view of inanimate objects. Within the link you will find a video of two crash test dummies that come to life moments before the crash. Sure, it is mostly an artsy fartsy short movie designed to be aesthetically stunning, blah blah blah, but I think the concept has some roots in reality. We are constantly pushing to make artificial intelligence more like us, think like us, feel like us, and implementing that technology in crash test dummies can more help us more thoroughly understand the psychology of an automobile collision.

I mostly liked the article for its title, but the more I dwell on it, the stronger I feel about the topic. Maybe we can eventually understand the sensation of death, sensations associated with current methods of capital punishment, and all other things of that nature. To be fair, we could also use this technology to explore the science of pleasurable sights too. The sky is our proverbial limit here.


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