NFL: No Fun League


This week in Orlando Florida, the NFL is hosting its annual owners meetings. This is where they recount the NFL year and reevaluate some league rules. They also decide whether to add new rules or change pre existing rules. Over the years and more recently in the past decade the NFL has cracked down on end zone celebrations after a team touchdowns. Claiming anything as simple as a spike as excessive celebration and penalize the team for doing so. This year at the meetings they have just dubbed dunking over the crossbar of the goalpost as excessive and are now flagging the celebration. The National Football League has taken the fun out of the game and celebrating with your team. The NFL should no longer mean National Football League, but instead No Fun League. Below is a top ten video of touchdown celebrations you’ll never see again some are pretty good others are just eh but the players still had fun with their team and fun with the fans.


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