What makes a Podcast interesting?

Ever since Youtube became popular, it has become so easy to share ideas with a visual input to help attract viewers. Whether it’s a how-to video, educational video, or just something interesting, Youtube is a great way to engage yourself with other people. I think an integral component to its success is having both audio and video together. Although for most technology this seems normal, for some, having only audio makes it unique. Podcasts are one example that seem to be useful in certain circumstances – exercising, sitting on a bus or train, or driving.

For the second class project, we will be creating our own podcast. Over the years, podcasts¬†haven’t lost their popularity. This is very surprising to me because they only consist of an audio component, and as we all know, our generation is mostly visual learners. So, what makes them interesting? There are many websites that teach you how to create podcasts that are useful, effective, and entertaining. Some tips are:

Get a friend to create a podcast with

Use audio level compression

Get a decent speech microphone

Skip introductions

Don’t take breaks to play music


Most of these are simple rules for radio stations, but they are good lessons to be learned for podcasters. I hope our podcasts turn out interesting!



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