Live Blogging

A form of media that hasn’t really been touched upon in this class is the concept of live blogging.  I think live blogging strays from conventional forms of media because with live blogging, you can obtain media in real time as it is happening. Live blogs are fairly popular when it comes to tech conventions or TV shows. They are great if you can’t attend a conference or catch your favorite television show, but still want to stay updated.


My brother recently started live blogging about American Idol. He sits in front of the TV when the show is on and quickly gives a summary and commentary on the show as it is happening. This way, people who cannot watch the show on TV can still get a play-by-play of what’s going on.


The coolest thing about modern technology and the Internet is the way anyone can connect and share their work with other people. My brother is not a professional journalist or author by any means, he is just an avid fan of American Idol. However, because of the Internet he is able to sit in the comfort of his own room and reach out to hundreds of other American Idol fans (his last blog post had over 650 comments!).


Here is a link to his live blog from this past week:


Do you ever follow live blogs? Have you ever done a live blog?


One comment on “Live Blogging

  1. I never really looked into live blogs, but they remind me of the commentators on ESPN for sports. I read some of your brother’s blog and it sounds really cool! He seems very detailed throughout his blog. 650 comments is crazy!

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