Coming this summer to a Regal Cinema in L.A. is 4DX technology.  This is the next level in movie technology because now we can feel the movie with certain effects while wearing 3D glasses.  The technology is created from a South Korean company called CJ 4Dplex.  Some of the effects they show are water, wind, light, fog, and scent effects.  Other countries are already experiencing 4DX technology in their movie theaters.  We will have to wait and see if it is a success here in the states, or just another tacky gimmick for increased ticket prices.


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2 comments on “4DX

  1. This reminds me of some of the rides/shows they have at Disney world. It seems like it would get more people to go to a theater to see a movie instead of just downloading it at home.

  2. This is awesome! Of course, it would change the movie experience quite a lot. I probably wouldn’t want to get hit with water though. The scent and fog effects would be really cool though!

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