If you needed another reason to put away your cell phone

After watching everyone’s video essay projects a couple weeks ago, it seems clear that a lot of us think we spend way too much time on our cell phones. However, if you needed another incentive to stay off your phone, UNICEF introduced one earlier this week.

UNICEF has created a cell phone app that tracks whether or not you are using your phone throughout the day. For every ten minutes that you are not on your phone, sponsors will provide water for a child in need for a day. This is a really important cause because millions of people go every day without access to water. By simply abstaining from using your cell phone, you can contribute to this worthy cause.

This seems almost too good to be true. The only catch is that the program ends on March 31st, so if you’re interested you should sign up soon!


Click here for the full article:



Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 10.20.32 PM


2 comments on “If you needed another reason to put away your cell phone

  1. This organization really stepped away from the generic “donate to my cause via credit/debit card” online idea. It’s new and helps both the organization and the public. I’m hoping this idea worked and children were supplied copious amounts of water in underprivileged communities.

  2. This is such a great thing! I’m so glad that someone thought to do this. We are really on our phones so much that this was a great way to try and stop that. I wish I would’ve seen this in time to sign up for the program but thanks for sharing it with us! Hopefully they will do this again and I will be able to do it!

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