HTC One M8 Dot Cover Case

With the release of their new flagship smartphone, HTC always released a new case to go along with the M8 as well.  The case is very cool and is the first of their kind. I’m actually surprised HTC thought of something like this first. The case it has a front and a back where you snap the phone in. The front is made up of little tiny dots that light up to show the time, weather, or notifications without opening the case.  You can even see caller id and take the call without opening your case as well.  Only part of phone’s screen is lit up so it does not drain a lot of battery life. If I had this phone then I would definitely purchase the dot case.  Peep the video below for a review of the case.


2 comments on “HTC One M8 Dot Cover Case

  1. I really like that case! It seems like it would really protect the front of the phone but it easily opens so that the phone can be used. I’m terrible with phones so this would be perfect for someone like me.

  2. I’m a huge fan of HTC, and the M8 is what I will definitely upgrade to. In the mean time, I wish that they would make this compatible with the original HTC one’s as well.

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