So I was at the movies a couple of days ago and I saw a preview for this new movie coming out in April called “transcendence.” The movie takes place in the future, where technology is at it’s highest point. Basically at the point where when someone dies, technology allows for their brain to be plugged into a computer and they can continue to “live” through a computer system. This computer system would be able to have a full range of human emotion, and it’s intelligence would be higher than the combined intelligence of every single person in the world. The preview shows how the doctor (Johnny Depp) that created the machine gets shot and his body starts to shut down, however his mind is still in tact. The computer had not been used ever before and so the doctor’s wife (And also his work partner) decides to plug his brain into the computer in hopes to “save” him. The problem stated before she plugs him in is that if the computer misjudges or doesn’t upload even a small childhood memory, the person that they plug in could have a completely different personality and be a “different” person than who the doctor really is when he’s alive as a human and not a machine. The preview also shows the problem of a world ran by machines, that maybe they would be far too advanced and intelligent for real humans, and could potentially eliminate humankind as we know it. The preview makes the story line of the movie seem like something that could happen someday, and it’s really interesting and bizarre to think about. It’s basically a world of people and “people” machines.



Check out the trailer:


2 comments on “Transcendence

  1. This is definitely one of those movies I would pay for to actually go see in theaters. It seems like it will be really good, maybe even a close second to Inception. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. It looks like a really good movie and an interesting concept!! As a personal opinion though, I believe that technology will never be at it’s ‘highest point’, because there’s always room for some kind of improvement – but with living through a computer system, I don’t know how much more high tech the world could get

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