Honest University Commercial

I came across this video on Youtube called “This is What an Honest University Commercial Looks Like”. Although I don’t completely agree with all of the ideas in the video, it does portray some of the problems college students face – financial debt, job insecurity, stress, and unnecessary classes. Rarely ever do we read or write about the difficulties of post graduation. People usually just mention the time of joy, learning, and partying we will experience. Whatever the case, I think this video is really funny and gives society a visual of what some of us will go through in the future.


6 comments on “Honest University Commercial

    • No problem! I think it describes universities in the most raw form. New college undergraduates should definitely watch this video before entering.

  1. This was so funny… and scary! Luckily I will be graduating with no money to pay back, and I couldn’t be happier about that! However… I need a job. Graduating really is such a scary thing. And I definitely have to agree with what you said! People always discuss the great times in regards to college, but not what actually is going to happen, and it’s so frightening!

    • It really is frightening! Not only do we have to worry about debt, but we have to find a job and a place to live, which can be really stressful.

    • You’re right, it really is a sad reality since only about half of college graduates get jobs after graduating! Also, I read somewhere that only about 30% of students find jobs in their field/major of choice. Like you said, I hope none of us are in that situation.

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