Ok, so I wrote up this post before checking to see if anyone else wrote about it.. And I have horrible horrible luck. Clearly. But maybe, since there are two posts, that just emphasizes that you should check it out! Anyway, here’s an annoying double post (sorry!):

I’ve been seeing the movie trailer for this movie everywhere. Lets be honest, it caught my eye because Johnny Depp stars in it. Despite this fact, the plot actually seems really intriguing. Based on the 90 second trailer, I surmised that a brilliant researcher, aka Johnny Depp, is shot and put into a coma. He isn’t going to make it, so using super nifty technology, his wife/girlfriend/ladyfriend convinces other researchers to upload his consciousness into a computer system. And, of course nobody is happy about this because he will probably become unstoppable! [Note: The trailer actually explains the plot much better and more accurately. As does the other post.]




This got me thinking about our discussions about computer systems mimicking human speech, emotions, etc. If this somehow became tangible for us in the future, uploading the consciousness of someone nearly departed, this could link us to them. However, I think its a bit extreme– sometimes its just someone’s time to go. This seems like the film’s moral as well; s*** hits the fan when Johnny Depp’s consciousness starts to create things that affect the physical world. Needless to say, I plan on seeing this film.


By maggiebania

2 comments on “Transcendence..

  1. I saw this trailer too and I am so excited!!! But I couldn’t have said it better myself. Death is obviously a terrible thing, but sometimes it really just is someone’s time to go. I think that sometimes we really go too far with technology and eventually, it will turn on us (like we discussed in our video presentation!).

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