Backerjack Back At It

Backerjack’s inventions can be quite interesting, yet some of them seem to be a bit much. In this article that I just read, I learned of three new inventions that they have created. For instance, “The Pawda”.

“The Pawda” was created for people with pets. All the owners must do is attach the tracking device to their pets collar, and there! This little GPS is also said to be “waterproof and durable”, perfect for a dog. You will receive a built-in map where you will be able to track your pet, and you will also be notified if your pet leaves the designated area that you have chosen. I definitely think that this is a great invention for people with pets because they can so easily go missing.


Another item that Backerjack has created is called the “Monbaby sleep analyzer”. Instead of using a baby monitor, this device attaches to a baby’s clothes, and can record a baby’s sleep patterns. It can also report “whether a child has rolled onto their stomach or back, and can provide customizable alerts depending on certain variables”. I have a nephew, so I am all for making sure a baby stays safe and sound in their crib at night. However, I do not see what is wrong with the baby monitors that have been used for so many years before us. Who’s to say that a family gets rid of their perfectly working baby monitors, and then this kind of item breaks because a baby rolls onto it. I’m just personally not a fan of technology being physically on the baby.



2 comments on “Backerjack Back At It

  1. I don’t really like the idea of the device being on the baby…that doesn’t really sound like a good idea. If I were a parent I wouldn’t want anything that is electronic attached to my child…

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