Fitbits Recalled

I really hope that no one has gone and bought a Fitbit just yet…

I definitely remember someone first posting on this, and from what I heard when they first came out, they were a great new item that had been added into the technological world.


A month ago there was recall on Fitbits because there had been complaints of blisters and rashes, how disgusting! No but really, that’s gross. In San Diego the court is “seeking class-action status and alleges the company misled consumers in promoting and advertising the Fitbit Force device.” This suit has said that the company must notify all customers of this item, refunding them their money as well any shipping fees. Of course the company had no “immediate comment” but why would they?

I have wanted something like this for quite some time and I am so happy that I did not go and buy one. Lately, most companies have created items that have not been in favor of the consumers. I can say that any time my iPhone has an update I wait about three weeks before I update my phone just incase of any malfunctions it might create. One time I updated my phone and ended up getting a new one because it was so slow. I really do feel that companies need to start being more careful with the things that they create and really need to test them out before sharing them with the public! Nobody wants a rash or blisters all over their wrist…



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