Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter!

Here are five really cool smart-phone add ons that will make you “smartphone” even smarter!

1. Hone
Hone is a bluetooth device for iphone that helps you find your car keys. It’s a simple, yet genius idea, and good for people who have a tendency to actually lose their keys. Clip the device to your key and press the FIND button on your phone. The device will light up and let off noise that will lead you to the keys. Its $50, but well worth it if you have a tendency to lose your keys.

2. Crash Sensor
Mount the device on your helmet, (whether you are biking, on a motorcycle, etc) and if a crash or emergency incident happens, the device will notify all of your contacts to send quicker rescue attempts! It also has a built in GPS.

3. Deeper
Deeper is a device that would help benefit fisherman most, but could be user by anyone. It’s 150 dollars and help detects any kind of fish within a 50 mile radius!

4. Sensordrone
Sensordrone can be used for a mix of everything – it’s a computer that senses gas leaks, air quality, humidity, temperature, and practically anything that can be sensed that’s around you! It’s 175 dollars but can help people who have jobs related to these kinds of topics.

5. Tōd
Tōd can track the location of a child, a pet, or a car. It also notifies you if you receive and unscheduled departure, or if a pet or a child may wander too far away from you. Currently is it $32 dollars.

How much smarter can smartphones get? Is it only a matter of time before smartphones can do anything, and all of these apps will be INCLUDED in the phone? 


3 comments on “Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter!

  1. The number of possibilities for innovation on smartphones is endless. Everyday, thousands of new add ons and apps are being created. Whether they are free or not, these clever ideas offer an easier and faster way to live your life. Even a fisherman’s life is made simple with the add on you mentioned – Deeper. $150 is not much for all the profit in the long run.

  2. It is so crazy how smart our smart phones are. Thanks for the cool list of interesting devices and apps. Even if the apps aren’t free, for some people they may definitely be worth it.

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