Malaysian Flight

So ever since this whole Malaysian flight going missing, I have been even more scared of planes than I was before (and when I say scared I mean deathly afraid).

Recently, however, this missing plane has been said to have crashed in the Indian Ocean.

In this Fox news article, Oliver McGee, “an aerospace mechanical and civil engineer” discussed the different concerns in regards to this flight and what happened.

McGee told the interviewer, “We really need to start thinking how a new direction in the nexus of forces in aviation safety and security is the future.” McGee said that what we should really do is have this machine called the “black box” in the air constantly telling us the information of each and every plane, and I couldn’t agree more.

As an avid traveler, I really do agree with what McGee is saying. I love to go to different places, and I would love to travel to different places all over the world, I would just feel a whole lot safer if I knew that this machine was constantly tracking where I was.


2 comments on “Malaysian Flight

  1. Sometimes it’s actually safer in the air than to drive on the road with a car! but honestly, I think I would feel safer if I knew that my plane was constantly being tracked, too. I think the Black Box is a good idea!

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