Pushing 3-D Printing Further: A Plastic Skull

When I first read this title, I thought to myself, how is this even possible? 


Well, it’s not like she did this for no reason – a woman in the UK had a rare bone disorder, and she only replaced the top of her skull with a plastic piece. The disorder gave her skull increase thickness and gave her severe headaches and greatly affected her eyesight.  The surgeon doctors, who performed the surgery in the Netherlands, made sure the plastic piece matched the shape of her skull – now it seems like she’s never even had surgery. 3-D printing is getting popular in today’s society, and sometimes 3-D printing replaces essential aspects that are needed for life – but never before to something as severe as this extent.

3-D Printing is becoming all the rage, it is being used everywhere to help people in many different ways. In 2011, a patient received a 3-D printing for a jawbone replacement. Perhaps in the future doctors can use 3-D printing in the creation of whole bone supplements, buildings, and possibly even cars and airplanes. This is a concept that can keep on being pushed further and further to reach its full potential.



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