Smart Lightbulb

We’ve heard of smartphones and smart cars, and now Korea launched a smart lightbulb!!


This “connected” lightbulb can be controlled from anywhere with the use of any IOS or Andriod mobile device. When used 5 hours per day, it has a ten year lifetime. It is also available in different shades. Through one’s smartphones, a user can adjust the lighting level, turn the lights on and off, (even when one is not home) or can even program it so it turns on and off at the times of your convenience.  In addition, there is also a feature called “party mode” which the lightbulb will blink to the rhythm of a song playing through one’s smartphone. It is available only in Korea right now for 35,000 won, which is approximately equivalent to $32 dollars in the US.

However, this is not the first connected lightbulb that became public on the market. In 2012, Phillip’s Hue had allowed users to create custom, multi colored lighting scenes for each room of the house and turn them off at will. Other smart bulbs that were invented are have the sole purpose of only for listening to music.   

Will this trend continue, or will it stop here?


2 comments on “Smart Lightbulb

  1. Although I don’t believe controlling a light bulb through a smartphone is completely necessary, the idea seems pretty interesting. I feel that I would use it more for its “party mode” where it blinks to the rhythm of a song. $32 for a lightbulb is a bit pricey though.

  2. Haha I could totally see using this if I was in bed and too lazy to get up to turn off the lights. It might also be convenient if people are on vacation but don’t want to leave their lights on or off the entire time so people don’t know they’re not home.

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