14 year old proposes how to save millions of dollars.

Who knew that just changing the font of a text could save someone that type of money but that is the truth. Suvir Mirchandani, started off this project as a school science fair project. In his project he states that changing the font from what his school district uses in Pittsburgh can save his school district twenty thousand dollars a year. After adding up and finding out an almost precise number for how much the US government spends on printing, he estimates that the government will save two hundred and thirty four million dollars annually.



By fk125

5 comments on “14 year old proposes how to save millions of dollars.

  1. I don’t know if its sad or commendable that a kid found something that analysts and researchers in DC should have found. If just by switching fonts, the US could potentially save boat loads of money, I think that could really help put money elsewhere– not into printing.

  2. The fact that this was realized by a student, and way later than it should have been is kind of pathetic. How could the government not know something this simple? We could be spending those millions of dollars on something more worthwhile.

  3. If someone so young is helping the government save so much money off something so simple, that you would think someone in the gov’t would’ve already thought of, it makes me questions our government a little….

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