BlackBerry Still Going

For quite some time, BlackBerry has been suffering. With phones such as the iPhone and the Android having been created, they have been unable to survive in the cell phone market. It really is terrible, because I used to love my BlackBerry. I remember refusing to get an iPhone because I loved having buttons to press, and was obsessed with BBM, but I eventually caved, and I love nothing more than my iPhone.

In this article, I read about how BlackBerry is still suffering, but it is not as bad as it has been. According to this article, “BlackBerry is no longer focusing on beating the iPhone and Android” and “it now has a renewed focus on business customers and a push in software and services that can run on phones made by its competitors”.

Even though BlackBerry will never sell as much as the iPhone or Android, I think that it’s important that it still pushes to survive in the market. Just because the majority of people use an iPhone or an Android does not mean that others do not still favor BlackBerry. Personally I will probably never go back to a BlackBerry, but I guess I should probably never say never since I also thought I would “never” get an iPhone.

Seeing how popular BlackBerry used to be and how uncommon they are now makes me wonder, “what next?” I keep wondering who and when some sort of phone will come out beating the iPhone in popularity. I’m not sure when it will happen, but I’m sure it will.


One comment on “BlackBerry Still Going

  1. I really do miss the button keyboard and the little scroll on Blackberrys. I think that if they changed their marketing tactics a bit, they could have a shot at relaunching their brand.

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