Gmail reads your emails?

Reading CNN, I stumbled upon this interesting article about Gmail. We all know Gmail, since we were all obligated to create a Gmail account for this class. The great thing about Gmail, and most email services is that its free. But apparently theres a catch. Theres a reason why ads on the side of your email service seem oddly appealing. 


Apparently Gmail has been collecting mass amounts of personal information from its users to create ads that are personalized for its user. This breech in security is what gives email services such as Gmail, its revenue. I know about the NSA and all that jazz, but I felt a little betrayed by Google after reading this article. Is nothing private anymore? I try to cheat the system by using an Adblock extension, which as the name suggests, blocks annoying advertisements that is used for the sites revenue. In fact, that is how Youtubers get paid; ads. Anyway, here’s the article I mentioned:



By maggiebania

2 comments on “Gmail reads your emails?

  1. Gmail is the only email system I use…that’s really crazy that they do that. I felt like google out of any other email system would be the “safest” one.

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