Google April Fool’s?

Looks like Google is doing April Foll’s Day early with the release of their Google Maps video.

They have integrated Pokemon with Google maps to create Pokemon Challenge. The winner will get a job at Googleplex by catching all the Pokemon first. I thought this was too good to be true but it actually works. Here’s a screenshot from my phone.



Apparently, the game is real short so this is not a real competition and it’s just Google trollin’ us again.  Good one Google.



4 comments on “Google April Fool’s?

  1. I’m curious to see whether this is only to the regular 150 Pokemon or if it expands to the newer ones – considering there’s over 600 Pokemon now and people are more unfamiliar with the newer ones… I’d honestly be surprised if google incorporated them, because some people say the newer Pokemon take the fun out of Pokemon itself

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