Has Mark Zuckerberg gone mad?

The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has been on one hell of a shopping spree. First buying Whatsapp for a whopping 19 billion dollars and  more recently buying Oculus VR for 2 billion dollars. Has Mark Zuckerberg gone on a wild shopping spree, or is there rather a method to this madness? 

I strongly believe that he is making the right decisions. These purchases are not just wild antics that a power crazy man would make, but rather are calculated risks that can pay off two some in the upcoming future. 

Now all of you are probably thinking great, now fk125’s gone mad as well, and is going to be in the same sinking ship that Zuckerberg is in, but you would be wrong. Oculus VR makes virtual reality hardware and software. When Skype or even the iPhone was released, everybody was in awe. With the Oculus VR, who knows what the future can hold? Can Facebook integrate the Oculus VR eyepiece with Facebook video conferencing and make a virtual conversation possible?

With the way that technology is progressing, it seems as if the possibilities are endless. Who knows, maybe by the time I’m CEO of some bigshot company, I will hold all my meetings in virtual reality. 

By fk125

4 comments on “Has Mark Zuckerberg gone mad?

  1. I personally think that Zuckerburg knows whats he’s doing. I think he (or his people?) have an eye for investments that have the potential to become everyday ‘necessities’ for us. Virtual conversation would be amazing.

  2. I agree with you. It seems like Zuckerburg makes his investment decisions with a lot of thought and is completely aware of any risks he may be taking.

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