How Millennials Really Feel About Technology



I thought this was an interesting article bringing up points about our generation. We are the generation that did not grow up with iPads and iPhones but we were also still fairly young when these things became accessible to us.

Unlike our parents, we are less likely to marvel at technology — we are able to multitask, don’t tune out others when we get a text message, and are less likely to post unfortunate intricacies of our lives on social media. And unlike our younger siblings, cousins and perhaps even children, we were not raised with these technologies being an integral part of our day-to-day routines.”

Like the article states, we do not marvel at technology the way some of our parents and grandparents do. We also however remember life before these technological advancements. “How do we reject a culture we are a part of and, more than that, a part of creating? Is it hypocritical to attempt to set ourselves apart from the very technology we are so entrenched in? I think not. Instead, I think our generation plays a critical role in the direction that technology is going — and I believe it is our responsibility to play up our natural position of mediator in the tension between old world and new world. It’s crucial that we preserve — and act on — our longing for a less tech-obsessed world, that we balance our desire for convenience with that for simplicity, and that we remember how much we hate seeing kids taking Instagram selfies when we have kids of our own.” I think it’s interesting that the article states the we essentially are the generation which could help to bridge this gap.


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