Lego Wheels

Thinking creatively is something we all strive for in this class (and outside of this class I hope,) and part of the job description includes praising the creative thoughts of others. I present an idea so creative, so awesome, so rad, you are going to ask where to buy one.

A 20 year old Romanian mastermind designed a car made solely out of legos, with more than 500,000 pieces, and $22,000 in patron funding to create a pretty sleek ride. The car can hit face melting speeds of 18.2 mph. This speed may not be all that impressive, but what until I tell you this, which I will tell you right now, after this sentence, because it follows this one sequentially. The car runs on compressed air. That is correct, no gasoline, just air.

You want a picture of this pimp-mobile you say?

Wiz Khalifa would be proud

Sure, it may not be the sturdiest ride, and it may not even be safe, but this achievement marks something much greater. Mobility with the use of gasoline. Earth is not an infinite resource, and nor should it be treated as such, but from engineering and creative breakthroughs such as the hot rod, we can go to sleep tonight knowing there is hope that mankind has the tools to fix any problem we are handed.

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