Replacing YouTube

Yahoo is planning on unveiling a better option to YouTube. Yes Yahoo. That long forgotten search engine, is trying to make a comeback into the spotlight by serving not the customers but the people that provide entertainment. The YouTube partners, or people that have been selected to get payed by YouTube for their work, are unhappy, because of how little of a revenue they actually get after YouTube gets its cut of the ad revenue as well. Yahoo is aiming to release a new video sharing network, that gives more privileges and more of a cut of the revenue given to the producers. Oulimata Ba from HNGN states,

“But this time Yahoo’s plan, if it turns out to be true, is well timed- YouTube partners have been voicing unhappiness with the video-sharing giant’s lack of revenue over the last two years, the report said. A total of 45 percent of ad revenue goes to YouTube.

Some have even created their own video sites or left to partner with other video sharing platforms, like Microsoft’s Xbox, the report said.” 


By fk125

One comment on “Replacing YouTube

  1. I think it’ll be pretty difficult for yahoo to beat out youtube. There are a lot of people on youtube who are making money and have been for years. I think for this switch to be successful, the you tubers/youtube partners would need to be offered a good deal. They have subscribers on youtube and switching over to a new platform would not be easy.

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