Saline Solution Slowing Time

This article has probably been one of the more interesting things that I have read so far while browsing the web.

According to this article, about five different hospitals throughout the United States have found ways to slow down the cells in a person’s body that have been through a wound such as a gunshot or a knife. And the secret… “REPLACING BLOOD WITH COLD SALINE SOLUTION”! I know, I didn’t believe it when I read it at first either. But what a relief for the people that are in these terrible traumas.

“Normally, the brain would be damaged after five minutes of oxygen deprivation. But researchers suspect that by slowing cell metabolism with cold, they can stretch that five minutes to an hour or more.”

That would mean that a surgeon would then be able to control the person in surgery’s bleeding! Sometimes I really feel like we push our limits when it comes to technology and all of the things that we do, but it’s in these kinds of scenarios that I am happy to know how hard people work to help the rest of us.



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