Two Finger Scroll Problems

Yesterday, as I was using Google Chrome on my laptop, it stopped scrolling with two fingers. Every time I tried to scroll down, it would just zoom into the page instead. At first, I overlooked the problem and thought the small glitch would be fixed when I opened up another Google Chrome window. After opening what may have been the 7384th Google Chrome window, I became frustrated with looking at fonts the size of my laptop screen. Most people who use this two finger scroll function know how much easier it makes using a laptop, especially for reading through notes and browsing Facebook (of course). I looked up the problem on Google and apparently, many people went through the same problem when their Google Chrome automatically updated. It told me to reset my Chrome’s browser setting and restart my laptop. Thankfully, I was able to scroll with two fingers again after I tried this. We never think about how much of a difference little features like two finger scrolling make until we don’t have them anymore. We are literally the generation of high maintenance people.


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