Mid-Semester Funk

This is the time of year that juxtaposes our values and throws them in a blender, only to shake it up in a martini glass of stress. What I am trying to say is that this is the time of the semester where the weather starts to get nice, the work load starts to pile up, and the energy to get things done is surprisingly low. Good news guys, there is a two letter word answer. NO!

We forget about the power of “no” in life, the liberation of the negative, the transcendence of the contradictory, the blah blah blah blah. No, seriously, by saying no to the meaningless things in life and putting value to the more essential components of your day, you will gain a positive energy, and this type of energy snowballs into a ball of disgustingly annoying good karma. Did I make this up myself? No.


You will find a list of all too familiar situations where saying “no” is the panacea to all of our issues.

A lion saying “no” like a baws

We all want to do it, and all that is stopping us is the initiative. Take the leap of faith, be that asshole, and please yourself before you please others. I promise no one will think less of you.


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