Traffic is brutal everyone can agree and nobody wants to be sitting in it. Especially when you are on your way to class in the morning. The worst is you try to catch a traffic report before you hit up the main highways but nothing is on so you hope for the best and wind up getting stuck. What really gets me is that there is zero traffic in the opposite direction you are going and every driver on your side of the road is slowing down and stopping just to see a guy pulled over or changing his tire. I saw a commercial the other day about a car that apparently warns you of an accident two cars ahead of you so you can avoid it. The Infiniti Q50 I believe the car is, but what the Infiniti should really do is as soon as you turn your car on, it should link up to traffic reports and satellites and give you your very own traffic report so you can take an alternate route and avoid the mess.



One comment on “Traffic

  1. I totally agree with you. Its better to be aware of the traffic conditions before you start your drive, not simply 2 cars ahead.

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