Twitter Like Facebook

Apparently Twitter is adapting to some of Facebook’s ways. I recently read an article on how Twitter is using inspiration from Facebook on its new updates. The problem is that a lot of the Twitter users are not too happy with this because they think that if Twitter starts to adapt to Facebook, it will become Facebook. On Twitter you can now tag people in photos, which is something that was first seen on Facebook. They are also thinking about expending the character limit on Twitter. I personally feel like what people like about Twitter is that it limits the amount of things people can say, which if you have those FB friends that constantly “preach” life lessons, you are thankful for twitter and its 140 characters limit, at least I am.


2 comments on “Twitter Like Facebook

  1. I agree with you. I definitely prefer the 140 character count on Twitter. Especially if I have to look at feeds from semi-annoying people I follow. Its more concise and to the point.

  2. I really hope Twitter doesn’t become more like Facebook. I definitely like that tweets are limited so people can’t just ramble on and on. Twitter is a way to quickly get information without reading more than 140 characters.

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