Ellen Takes a Buzzfeed Quiz

Buzzfeed quizzes have been a recent Internet trend. When taking a Buzzfeed quiz, the user answers questions by choosing through an assortment of random pictures and topics. Buzzfeed quizzes have been published on all sorts of topics such as “What kind of Sandwich are you?”, “How lazy are you?”, and “Which U.S. President are you?”

Although many people like to take these quizzes because they’re easy and fun, some people may wonder how much they actually reflect your true character.

Well, Ellen DeGeneres tested the validity of Buzzfeed by taking the quiz “Which Queen of Comedy are you?”, in which Ellen herself was one of the possible results that you can get.  On her show, Ellen takes the Buzzfeed quiz and answers questions like “Pick a TV show”, “Pick a drink”, and “It’s Friday night, where are you?”.

Hilariously, in the end, Ellen’s result is that she is Chelsea Handler.

This video is funny because it just shows how inaccurate these quizzes can be but how much people still buy into them.

Do you ever take Buzzfeed quizzes? Have you ever gotten a disappointing result?





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