Tomorrow Audi will unveil their brand new Audi A3 model, but that is not all.  There will be a special performance by M.I.A. and Janelle Monae together.  Here’s the catch though, M.I.A. will be performing live in New York while Janelle will be performing live in Los Angeles.  How, you may ask is this possible for them to be at the Audi even for a live performance together?  Well the answer is holograms my friends.  You may remember from Tupac hologram from the 2012 Coachella music festival, so this will be similar expect they are using 3D projection video technology to capture both performances.  How it will look is still in question, so we just have to wait for the final performance itself.  They are both performing two new songs together.  If this works out well then this is a new way to perform ‘LIVE MUSIC’.


By georgek0427

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