Iphone + Blackberry Keyboard = Typo


A couple of days ago someone posted about the glorious days of the Blackberry. I remember when I had a Blackberry a couple of years ago. When I was considering getting an iPhone or a Galaxy for my next phone my biggest hesitation was losing out on my Blackberry keyboard. The idea of having a virtual keyboard instead of having physical buttons was the only thing stopping me from getting an iPhone immediately when they came out.

Well, Ryan Seacrest has developed a case for the iPhone called “Typo.” The case snaps into your iPhone and gives you a real Blackberry keyboard for your iPhone. If I had an iPhone I actually might consider spending the $99 for this kind of case.

Unfortunately, however, Blackberry is suing Typo for stealing their keyboard design. The case is in the courts, but for now you can’t buy a Typo keyboard. Oh well. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how this plays out. For now, its back to the virtual keyboard.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 10.55.18 AM


One comment on “Iphone + Blackberry Keyboard = Typo

  1. Dang it! I got so excited until I read that its being settled in court. One can hope that they can continue to sell these type of keyboard cases, and hopefully they’ll be more reasonably priced than $99!

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