Know Your Meme

Do you ever log onto your favorite social media site and see new memes or jokes that you just simply don’t understand? You may feel like the rest of the world is in on an inside joke and you’re just simply not getting it.

Well, look no further than “Know your Meme.” A website dedicated to keeping you updated on the latest Internet jokes, posts, videos, and more.

It seems that the social media world is exponentially growing. It is often difficult to stay updated when there are millions of videos, articles, and pictures being posted everyday.

An example of something posted on is their April Fools post, which outlined many of the April Fools day pranks happening around the Internet. In case you missed out on some of the jokes floating around the Internet yesterday, here is the link to the knowyourmeme post: .

Know your meme also has a Youtube channel where they post video explanations of internet phenomena. This is a link from the Knowyourmeme YouTube channel explaining the phenomenon of the “Friend Zone”:

So now, if you feel like you’re missing out what the rest of the world is laughing at, just turn to



One comment on “Know Your Meme

  1. This is great!! I love memes, but there are just some of them that I don’t understand – and sometimes I see things floating around the internet that I feel out of the loop from.

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