5 Cool Tumblr Blogs to Follow

Tumblr is a great site to pass by time (aka procrastinate..) I’ve been trolling the web for some new blogs to follow, and found some that are actually worth sharing. Here they are:

1. Unhappy Hipsters :

Although the blog is obviously mocking hipsters, the images themselves are actually appealing. Their jokes are cheesy though– so be warned. 

2. STFU, Parents :

This blog makes me chuckle because I often see Facebook posts like this, and its just a little bit too much sometimes. For example, it mocks the new age-y names that are becoming popular and such. If you’re not a fan of babies, this is a hilarious blog to check out. 

3. Reasons My Son is Crying :

Ok, I swear I have nothing against kids. This blog is just too funny though. Basically, this blog started out with this guy taking pictures of his son every time he cried, following up with a short post as to the reason why his son was crying. Highly entertaining. Now, he’s a published author and has his followers/fans send in photos of their kids crying. #babyshaming ?

4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (don’t judge me) : 

This blog is mainly dedicated to his company HitRecord, which we’ve mentioned in class. He’s also very good looking. Enough said. 

5. Texts from Bennett :

This is another hilarious blog I found. I mean this is the little excerpt “These are text messages I exchange with my 17 year old cousin Bennett. He is a white boy that thinks he’s crisp, is currently unemployed, has a girlfriend named Mercedes, and is one of the most unintentionally funny and brilliant souls on the planet.” Come on, you know you want to follow this one 🙂

By maggiebania

2 comments on “5 Cool Tumblr Blogs to Follow

  1. Thanks for sharing all these blogs, I’ve never seen any of them before. I really liked the “Reason’s my son is crying” one, it was hilarious. I’m always so amazed how unique and creative some people can be.

  2. I love that you posted this! I recently started reading Texts From Bennett, and I absolutely love it, it is probably one of the funniest things that I haver kept up with on the Internet. I’ll definitely check the other ones out that you posted about!

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