Amazon’s Streaming Device

Amazon is releasing a streaming device, Amazon Fire Tv, which will allow users to stream shows, game and use the internet all for $99/mo. This is very similar to Apple Tv, which is the same price for a monthly subscription. But, its a more advanced version of Apple’s product. Amazon’s Fire Tv has several unique features, including a remote control with a voice recognition search feature, so a user can speak the name of a show, actor or topic and find that content. I guess Amazon is trying to eradicate the use of a TV Remote. 



Honestly, its no surprise that Amazon has come up with this, seeing as they’re constantly coming up with new and advanced services for their customers. I love Amazon, and order from there whenever I need to buy something online or within 2 days (Amazon’s amazing Amazon Prime has 2 day shipping included in its services!)

By maggiebania

One comment on “Amazon’s Streaming Device

  1. Since amazon is great with everything they do, I wonder if their streaming would actually be good, too. Usually when I try to stream things don’t properly load, or take forever to load – or maybe that’s just because I don’t pay for a streaming service. I’m curious to see how successful this becomes

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