What Went Wrong?

So I found an interesting article, not discussing the best technology created in the past year, but rather, the biggest “flops”.

For starters, we have the “Facebook Home”. They wanted to create a phone, but instead, created their own special app for the Android. This would put Facebook at “the center of the experience on an Android phone. It included new ‘chat head’ features and placed photos from one’s Newsfeed right on the lock screen” (Stern OL). Although, only months of it being released, it received many negative reviews by everyone using the app.


Next we have “Samsung Galaxy Gear”. Samsung was the first out of all of the major companies to release its own “smartphone on your wrist” gear. Some of the issues with this item were that the battery life was low, it was large, and confusing.


There was also the “Blackberry 10 & Z10”. But I guess that this is self-explanatory. Blackberry has been suffering for years now, and in September had a $1 billion loss.


Next failure was Twitter music. Even though this is a very successful site, the Twitter Music App was not. However, they did well enough without it.


If you want to check out the article, here it is:



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